Monday, May 25, 2009

Fence Day 2

Thought today was going to be my first shot at laminate flooring, but after trying out the laminate we got from Home Depot on the kitchen floor, the color just wasn't right. So, we returned it, and Kathryn found a much better alternative. So now I have two boxes coming from Amazon. Found out that laminate at Home Depot is largely exclusive to Home Depot -- they do a deal with the manufacturers. However, the manufacturers sometimes make similar laminate for regular flooring stores, just with a different line name. The alternate branding is usually a much better deal because companies are competing on price. In my case, I got the same laminate with the same warranty, but with a built-in underlay for cheaper than Home Depot was charging for their laminate with no underlay.

Instead of laminate, I decided to do fencing. Dang, putting in a fence post is a lot of work, especially without a post hole digger. I broke a shovel doing it, but the post is up, and I was able to roll the table saw to the bottom of the garden to cut the pickets to length. That was nice! Looking forward to doing more tomorrow -- and hoping I don't have another post to do!