Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Onions gone wild

The onions look like they are set to take over the world. I can't believe how prolifically and reliably they've grown. I put a bunch of seeds in each peat pot, thinking that perhaps one or two would sprout. Some of the pots now look as if I've sown grass. They obviously love Kim's magic grow-bulb. They're now tall enough that their growth is being restricted by the plastic top, so I've had to separate them from the peppers, which are just starting to sprout. I hope that Brandy, who likes to sleep by them, won't eat them. I assume that cats left to their own devices will be maximally evil, which is usually prudent, though sometimes I'm proved wrong.

Good day at work today. Hacked up some code with ifdefs with Keith, and all of a sudden there is a moon. Still, shaders are called shaders for a reason -- they're shady: deceptively simple on the surface, but tough as nails to debug and possessing surprising sleight of hand when addressing the graphics hardware. Now to fix up some CMFS...

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