Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life is good (sometimes)

I'm down in Angleton, sitting in a Whataburger having just finished my "Breakfast on a bun," listening to good music and checking out slashdot. It's just me, the staff, and a group of retirees reading their papers. There's a big sticker on the window that reads
One nation

(I've tried to approximate the font typeface as best I can). There's a flag on a flagpole above the words that sticks down and divides the word "One" from "nation." An oblique reference to the civil war, perhaps?

Kathryn is doing jury duty and so is safely esconced in the rather intimidating Texasy Art Nouveau county courthouse. On the back of the courthouse there's an interesting frieze pictured above, presumably depicting the primary activities of the county at some point in its history. The area around the courthouse is well kept and pleasant to walk in. Really, it's a pity that something so nice is only experienced by most people when they do jury duty, or pay parking fines. It's worth my while to come down here every so often, just to be somewhere different from the places I usually go.

Wow. Just looked up, and the population of Whataburger has changed completely as I've been writing. There's now no one here over 45. How odd. Just like this blog entry. OK, enough being random for now.

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