Monday, January 26, 2009


Found out that Home Depot in Clear Lake is relocating and has everything 40-60% off. Not much is left, but I did manage to get a couple of power cords and a pile of 8"x8"x4" concrete blocks (90!) to make a couple of good-sized raised beds in the garden behind the shed. It took two car trips to get them home with the weight in the trunk depressing the back of the car perilously close to the wheels. Kathryn helped me get the second load in, which was really good of her. Concrete's not my favorite choice, but at 70 cents per block this was too good a deal to turn down, and each block has a hole through the middle that I could use to plant something small. It was too late to get pictures last night, but I'll try to put some up tomorrow. I spent a bit of time getting used to Wings3D in the hope that I can make a 3D model of how the garden will look. I might or might not have the patience to carry this out, but it's fun to play. Next thing will be to get a big delivery of soil.

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