Sunday, January 25, 2009

Something new

"Something new" seems like a good title for the first post of a blog. New blog. New year. New job (well, fairly new). New class. New thesis. New stuff on the horizon. I have an itch to plant. This year I'm starting two trays of plants from seed. It was only going to be one, but Kim kindly lent me her spiffy seed light, so now there are two trays of about-to-grow seeds on the bedroom floor tucked away in the corner.
On the left side... scarlet impatiens and a coleus mix.
On the right side... onions and yellow peppers.
At the moment, I'm running the lights on them 24/7. Should see results in a couple of weeks. I've also ordered a strawberry bush plant and a crossvine for use in the garden behind the shed. I'm rather attached to that garden, despite the fact that nothing wants to grow there except weeds. It's just such a lovely corner, shady and out of the way. It's not the corner's fault that it's the plant equivalent of the "dead zone" in the Verizon commercials. I'm thinking of putting in raised beds. On the other hand, there's part of me that says, "no, just get the right plants." So I'm pursuing that angle too. Crossvine just rocks. Sun? No problem. Shade? Easy. Bad drainage? It eats that for breakfast, and drought for dessert. What a great plant. And all those lovely flowers! Maybe I'll save the raised beds for the veggies. They could probably use them.

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