Friday, January 30, 2009

Planting humility

Well, so far, so good pretty much. The onions are amazing, partly because unlink the other stuff I've grown from seed they don't put out little leaves first -- they just sort of unroll a stalk, and then the stalk gets thicker. Not seeing too much from the impatiens or the peppers yet. The coleus are doing great.

The crossvine (left) and strawberry bush (right) arrived today by mail. I'm really impressed. This is the second time I've ordered from people on Ebay, and both times I've been very happy with the results. This place is especially good with great prices and a specialization in native plants (actually, Florida natives, but there's a lot of crossover with the Texas Gulf Coast).

Despite not getting much sleep lately, I'm feeling pretty good. It always helps me to have a hands-on project going, whether that's woodworking, or garden, or something else. I don't think I was meant to shuttle back and forth between home and work and do nothing else. Having said that, work is good. I feel like I'm doing something of value to people outside me and Keith. And class is good, too. I had a great conversation after class yesterday with one of my professors. I appreciated that though he has been a professor for many years, and a background in industry before that, he is still curious to learn, and humble enough to learn from someone with far less experience. The right kind of humility seems to be a common factor in people I admire, the type of humility that is not the doormat I used to be, nor self-defensive, as I feel myself to be now, but honest and open and genuine. Humility of being. Math makes most people who do it at a high level humble. It very quickly shows you your own fallibility. Gardening does that for me too. I hope I can learn well from these and other teachers.

Well, better sleep before I'm tempted to look into the segfault on my Bayes code.

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