Monday, April 27, 2009

Last Thing

Wrote a poem while not being able to sleep. Tried to capture some of that mushy overlapping thinking that goes on when I'm really tired. It's not a great poem, but I'm glad to express something. Figure I'll post it before I overthink.

Last Thing

The last thing I want to do right now is write a poem.
Can't sleep no sleep under the fan's
too cold quilt's too hot and thick
blades keep turning sheet's too thin
five thirty-nine the Y is open
up on yesterday's caffeine
do a treadmill in my blue shorts
driving in a fog and hope
no one hits me
thinking carpet, laminate gotta
fix the kitchen focus on the fog
blurry tiredness baseboards
stainless steel sound of air
but indistinctly sink into a
sinking feeling for the crash.


  1. I scraped up this from a couple years ago, not sure it still applies:

    I hope things work out with the house deal. There is no perfect universe and people are trying to make a living, so yeah (as Craig would say). I would worry less about the money, and more about the house. Finding a good place is the most important. No matter how much money you make, it is all going to rot and blow away. It is actually important, IMHO, where you live. To me, +-5K is no biggy... or maybe I should say +-5%. I rely on the fact that there are enough tough people out there that have paved a way where I don't get totally screwed. In business, everybody wants to give me tips on how to get a tax advantage, cut this corner, best business status... For me, I cannot put a price tag on the walk through the woods. And the realtor who "got me" didn't get me because I have my own private forest... And business wise, who cares if I cut a corner (for the most part) when I have a living breathing company (although low on oxygen... but I'll skip that part). I suppose, all I mean is that in the grand scheme of things, at retirement or death, am I going to care that I worked the system? I think the bottom line on a more crude side is that I want to keep options open... so if my decisions hole me up... I will regret them... unless the hole I pick is one I feel is the right. So, my initial advice centers on... don't get a maintenance nightmare money pit. BUT! Some people like to garden! So they want a BIG yard. Others love to fix up an old house... So that advice comes from a guy who wants to frolic in the forest and swim in a pool he doesn't have to deal with...

    For the Spoonbill question... I will be speaking with the guy who handles it all soon. He is away now. I have another lead too which is separate from this particular contract. Honestly, it looks less likely to me right now. We are still fighting for insurance. If I were you, and I wanted to go to school, I would go that way. Spoonbill isn't as rosy as I had hoped, but it is okay, just a lot of work. Spoonbill might be the cute house with the pink exterior... but there is something to be said for brick and mortar... and good foundation.

  2. It's cool to see that Spoonbill worked out! And the house is getting done too :)