Friday, April 3, 2009

Spontaneous flowering

Came home today to the most beautiful flower. I think it's a daylily. It's not really part of the official garden -- it just sticks out of the lawn. Each year, it comes up, flowers, and disappears. The first year, I thought it was a weed, and mowed it down before it bloomed, but still the next Spring it came up. It's interesting owning a house -- you inherit a history, and not only in rotting wood, or strange-colored linoleum two layers beneath the current bathroom floor. A garden has a history too, and it's nice to feel like I'm adding to it.

Used the truck today for hauling dirt and a landscape timber home from Lowes. Man, it was so much easier than fitting it in the Camry -- and easier to get out on the other end too. The 8ft landscape timber fit diagonally across the bed with the tailgate up. Sweet! And no worries about the rear suspension giving out. Must get those hydraulics replaced on the liftgate, though. Got bonked on the head twice :) I think I'm going to like having a truck. Tomorrow... dirt day 2.5. Or maybe I'll leave that for Sunday and go to Brazos Bend instead.

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