Friday, April 17, 2009

MacPort Day

This is what the weather looked like the day we delivered the first beta of the Mac port of the graphics software we've been working on. Yep. Overcast with thunderstorms later in the day. Real Seattle weather -- guess Microsoft has influence upstairs. Maybe if the sun were shining we'd get more frames per second :)
But still, this is a big achievement (mostly of Keith's)

Before the big storm, Kim showed me all the stuff going on in her garden including the budding blueberries and the tomato plant that almost ate Texas (and still might). I was inspired, so I went to Houston Garden Center in the rain and picked out a couple of ajuga to fill up the empty spots left in the ajuga area. Or maybe I'll plant them under the strawberry bush. Possibilities ... hmmm....


  1. It might be just an artifact of fixing the white balance. Or, it might be a rosy new dawn for all mac-kind. Stay tuned to this mac-channel.